January 15, 2019, Aurora Biofarma and Aurora Licensing, a quality year.

The projects of the two companies have the same continuity with the previous 2018, which has represented by massive investments, thanks to the develop of high quality technological products and a focused plan of hires also.

Once again, the two brands objectives will be research and innovation, as the previous development of a high quality technological new probiotic line, Abiflor baby, Abincol ed Abivisor.

ABI-LINE probiotic, was born by the Aurora Biofarma and Aurora Licensing research, the first probiotic product line acting for organ-competence together with an innovative feature: the “strain- specificity”.

The ABI-line probiotic offers an absolute innovation into the probiotic’s world.

Aurora Biofarma closed the 2018 in the domestic market with the goal of 20 million Euro income and a forecast grow of + 35% comparing with the previous year; a new ambitious target is established, passing the amount of 30 million Euro of income in 2020.