AURORA LICENSING focuses its Mission on the two divisions, Human and Veterinary both formed by specialist products line.

Nobody can doubt that the Italian culture represent a unique treasure: according with the UNESCO dates,  THE 65% OF THE WORLD HERITAGE IS CONCENTRATED IN OUR ITALIAN TERRITORY as well as our Italian manufacture industry is the result of an incredible mix of creative ingredients which go from the industrial technic up to the skills concerning the business, the management and marketing  empowers, also hugely available in AURORA LICENSING.

For this reason, the company has started the Export project, in order to promote the Italian creativity and innovation: ABI-LINE probiotic, the best example of this philosophy, was born by the Aurora Biofarma and Aurora Licensing research, the first probiotic product line acting for organ-competence together with an innovative feature: the “strain- specificity”.

Each organ, from the intestine up to the stomach has its own microbiota: the ABI-line probiotic acts on a precise organ, as they are made with specific bacterial strains in order to promote the organ well-being.

The ABI-line probiotic offers an absolute innovation in the probiotic’s world.