About Us

The Aurora group includes Aurora Biofarma which manages the commercial activities and AURORA LICENSING, a sister company which manages the patents and the national and international brands; since the early beginning of this 2019 a new Export Department has been established in the AURORA LINCENSING, in order to be competitive and engage international activities.

Therefore, the AURORA GROUP has also profit sharing in develop & research companies.

  • Founded in 2010

    Aurora Biofarma was born at the end of 2010, as an innovative business dedicated to the research, development and marketing of nutraceuticals and medical devices; actually, the company is working on the overall Italian market with over 200 direct Medical representatives.

    Associated with Federsalus, (the Italian reference association in the nutraceuticals sector), being so inside the quality certification of the Italian Ministry of Health, Aurora Biofarma is constantly growing, testing its products through doctors and the main Italian scientific association, investing the profits in innovation, research & development and well-being.

  • 2014

    Aurora Biofarma established a new target for the 2015: 10-million-euro income , entirely on the Italian market with 160 sales agents, employee and medical rep.;
    thanks to a new business model flexible and sustainable, the company growing is possible.

    Aurora Biofarma, a pharmaceutical company born in the 2010, in the middle of the Italian economic crisis, is the Italian start-up example, perfectly working in Italy: a company established without any private fund neither public, only focusing on human resources coming by the same sector.
    The company is proud to get an AAA rating, according to the BASILEA 3 criteria, with company’s profits constantly invested which enabled to grow up year by year: 1,7 million Euro of income the first year, 3 millions Euro during the second, 4,3 millions Euro in the third and 6,5 millions of Euro in the 2014, up to pass over the 10 millions Euro for the next year.

  • 2017

    In the 2017 the company entered in the pharmaceutical sector in order to finalize a solid structure made by the Human Department and Veterinary Department, with a strong presence in the Pet Food market also.

  • 2018

    Aurora Biofarma closed the 2018 in the domestic market with the goal of 20 millions Euro income and a forecast grow of + 35% comparing with the previous year; a new ambitious target is established, passing the amount of 30 millions of income in 2020, after 10 years only the business establishment.

  • 2019

    Meanwhile to the Italian development, AURORA LICENSING will realize the Export project in the 2019 with an expansion on the European Common Market and in the Extra European Common Market; therefore, will be created some storage sites to supply the neighbouring territories.

    Aurora Licensing has already exported the first medical devices in the Middle East.


Human values are, for example, respect, acceptance, consideration, appreciation, listening, openness, affection, empathy, these “measuring values” are measurable in both the companies thanks also to the first Italian example of “Casa Aurora” the RESIDENCE-OFFICE where the employees, the sales agents, the Medical rep. can stay during the week.


Technological products innovation are visible parts of AURORA LICENSING, which has been described as a smart choice for an innovative start up; Italian quality & creativity are tangible in the high level of our products range. Medical devices, nutraceuticals, dietary food, complementary feed for dogs and cats playing a top player part in the Italian market.


Integrity and transparency are the principles that guide AURORA LICENSING’s action in formulating a management and control structure that is suited to its size, in adopting an effective internal control and risk management system, and in communicating with shareholders and other stakeholders, also by reviewing and updating the information on its website.